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Lunastone Quartz Worktops

Lunastone QuartzLunastone Quartz Worktops are increasingly becoming the most preferable worktops because of their properties and affordability.  They are wide ranged in terms of colour. These slabs offer a great deal for kitchen worktops because of their durability. They are of high quality because of the stone material used in producing them. Quartz is a stone material used in producing Lunastone.

The Lunastone Quartz Worktops comes with a variety of colours and finishes. The worktops are produced by blending quartz raw materials with colour pigments. They are composed of more than 90% of quartz with the remaining percentage for bonding agents and colour pigments. Because of the durability of quartz, the worktops are durable and, therefore, carry a 10 year guarantee. They are not penetrable; that is why they have a 10 year guarantee of existence.

More than 90% of quartz in Lunastone Quartz Worktops indicates that the worktops resemble the quartz with the properties. That is why they are preferred for use on work surfaces whether in the kitchen wall or floors with guaranteed durability. The advantage is that you can choose the colour of the worktops that complements your kitchen appearance. There are varied colours you can choose from.

Lunastone Quartz Worktops is ideal for use in the kitchen because of its resistance to various damages. It is resistant to heat, stains, scratch, and citric acid. Thus, the worktops made of Lunastone are of high quality because quartz is the hardest stone that you can use for a worktop in the kitchen or anywhere.

With the use of Lunastone Quartz Worktops, you will be rest assured that you have a tough worktop of high quality not affected by stains or scratches. It is affordable and long-lasting. Quality is, therefore, guaranteed because of the quartz material used in the manufacturing of the slaps of Lunastone. No wonder why these worktops are highly demanded because of their quality guarantee.

For a stunning kitchen worktop, consider Lunastone Quartz Worktops. Not only are they beautiful because of a wide range of colours but also durable. They are affordable with high quality. They are largely made of quartz, a hard stone, by mixing the crystals of raw quartz with the polymer resins and colour pigments. This allows for a wider selection of colours of the product that match well with your kitchen.

There are specialists’ factories of Lunastone Quartz Worktops where you can purchase for your kitchen. The varieties of colours of the worktops also add to the decoration of your kitchen. After purchasing the worktops you will have to find an installer for the material on your kitchen work space. These materials are impenetrable.

Lunastone Quartz Colour Ranges

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