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Compac Quartz Worktops

Give Your Space a Contemporary Twist

Most of us love the beauty of Quartz as it opens a world full of possibilities in our kitchen. Compact quartz worktops have all the benefits and beauty of real stone embracing the “engineered stone” concept. The technology used to create this light, and durable work surface allows everyone an endless variety of texture and colour.

Compact quartz worktops are hard-wearing, resilient, and aesthetically pleasing like the traditional stoneware like granite. Many households found its variety of colours and consistency in the pattern an advantage. They can be shaped, cut, and polished according to your desire.

Practical and Beauty in One

Not only beautiful, householders often commented how easy compact quartz worktops can be kept clean and maintained. Even after installation or during its life, there’s no polishing and sealing required but just minimal effort to keep it like new. A quick wipe using soapy water is just what you need. Because it is made of hardened resin with pure quartz crystals, there is no danger of cracks and scratches and bacteria can’t hide because of its exceptional resistance to bacteria and stains. Quartz worktops are durable and can last lifetime. Householders are now choosing these worktops over the traditional stones because of its quality and hassle-free installation and maintenance.

Keeping Its Beauty

Like any other surfaces at home, there are also precautions that should be made with compact quartz worktops to achieve its long lasting beauty and durability.

Avoid placing it in places that are exposed to direct sunlight and UV lighting

Do not place very hot items on its surface such as deep-fryers to avoid discoloration

Do not use sealers or water repellents. Using soapy water can bring out the shine of the surface.

The compac quartz worktops must not be polished.

All the Best for Your Worktops

If you are searching for the perfect worktops to achieve the bathroom and kitchen of your dreams, you can always find affordable compac quartz worktops online. Most of them have huge production factories with creative designers, experienced fitters, and highly-skilled stonemasons. You can choose from their wide coverage of thickness, colour, and price. Work surfaces are available in mirror quartz, earthy tones, and bold, vibrant colours like “apple” and “orange”. There’s a surface solution depending on your budget and needs. There are also packages tailored-fit with every requirement.

Compac quartz worktops are beautifully engineered that provides practical, attractive, and durable work surface in every home. Its superior quality and strength sets it apart from the natural stone we traditionally use. With its many options when it comes to colours and variety, customers have the widest possible design to use for their surfaces. It is a product that offers extreme versatility whether one will be using it at their homes or businesses.

Compac Quartz Colour Ranges

Coming Soon.

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